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Discover Music Radio runs the free ‘Discover Gig Guide’ designed to promote gigs and venues.

Q: Does Discover Music Radio Charge Venues, Artists or Promoters for Listings?
A: No, all uploads are free.

Q: How Do You Cover Costs Then?
A: We invite Artists, Venues, Promoters and Labels to make a voluntary contribution to help cover our streaming and gig website costs. (In April 2024, we will advise how you can become a supporter)

Q: Do You Require Us to Support the Station so our Venue and Gigs are Published?
A: No at all. All gigs uploaded by artists, promoters and venues will be published free of charge, irrespective of support kindly received. Any support is entirely voluntary.

Q: Does Discover Music Radio Charge to Display our Gigs of Venue?
A: No way! The gig guide is free to use by artists and venues alike.

Q: Can we Pay to Have Our Gig or Venue Promoted on the Website or on the Radio?
A: No, we run the station commercial and sponsor free.

Q: Do You Guarantee to List our Gig or Venue?
A: The gigs team at Discover Music Radio review each gig/venue uploaded. If the gig is for emerging, unsigned or independent artists, it will be listed. We are looking to list gigs and venues that everyone can enjoy.

Q: What Gigs WIll You Decline to List?
A: We would not list major mainstream gigs for the ‘big names’. We also avoid tribute bands.

Q: WIll our Gigs be Promoted on the Radio?
A: We are aiming to use Discover Music Radio to help promote gigs. There is limited space, but we will mention as many as practical.

Q: Is Discover Music Radio Making a Bundle of Money Then?
A: We wish! The station is funded personally by the team from their own pocket through our love of emerging, unsigned and independent artists. That said, we thank you as the venue, gig promoter and artist for any support, one-off or regular, to help cover the costs. (More on how to do this coming in April 2024 when we officially launch)

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