Frequently Asked Questions for Artists

The FAQ Department for You as An Artist

Q: Does Discover Music Radio Charge to Upload Music?
A: No, all uploads are free.

Q: How Do You Cover Costs Then?
A: We invite Artists, Venues and Labels to make a voluntary contribution to help cover our streaming, website costs and, especially, licencing fees. (In April 2024, we will advise how you can become a supporter)

Q: Do You Require Us to Support the Station so Our Music is Played?
A: No at all. All music is considered irrespective of support kindly received. Any support is entirely voluntary.

Q: Does Discover Music Radio Charge to Play Our Music?
A: No way! And anyway, Payola is illegal. All plays on the station are completely free to everyone, no exceptions.

Q: Can we Pay to Have Our Music Played or Promoted?
A: No.

Q: Do You Guarantee to Play Our Music?
A: The music team at Discover Music Radio listen to each track uploaded and decide which ones are played. We are looking for good music that everyone can enjoy and if your track meets that, it will be added.

Q: My Music is Copyrighted
A: Good. As it should. Discover Music Radio fully support that.

Q: What About Music Licencing?
A: If your music is covered by membership of PRS and/or PPL, then royalties are paid via those organisations. Any music with an ISRC number is covered under this arrangement. To be realistic, any amounts you receive from PRS/PPL will be minimal and barely enough for a cup of coffee.

Q: We Are Not Members of PRS or PPL. What Happens Now?
A: Our Artist Registration page asks your permission for us to play your tracks royalty free, that is, without any payment to you. You do, of course, retain all copyright to your music.

Q: Is Discover Music Radio Making a Bundle of Money Then?
A: We wish! The station is funded personally by the team from their own pocket through our love of emerging, unsigned and independent artists. That said, we thank you as the artist for any support, one-off or regular, to help cover the costs. (More on how to do this coming in April 2024 when we officially launch)

Q: Our music includes explicit lyrics. Will you still play the track?
A: In all likelihood, no. If lyrics in a song are unacceptable on mainstream radio, then they are unacceptable to Discover Music Radio. We welcome ‘radio edits’ with any unacceptable language removed.

Q: Can Discover Music Radio Remove the Offending Lyric?
A: No, that would break your copyright.


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