Copyright Information

With Discover Music Radio, you always retain full copyright to your material. It is yours, not ours.

Discover Music Radio is fully registered with PRS and PPL in the United Kingdom and pays their fees on all tracks registered with both organisations.

If your music is registered with PRS and PPL, please advise us when you complete the Artist Registration form. If your music is registered using an ISRC number, again, let us know so we can attach that number to the appropriate tracks, which will allow us to report usage to the copyright companies.

Alternatively, if your music is not registered with PRS or PPL, we ask for your permission to use your music on a royalty-free basis to play on our music streams. Please use the tick box on the artist registration form. This means we can use your music with your permission, royalty-free, that is, without payment.

Should you register later with PRS and PPL, or acquire ISRC numbers, please let us know via the contact form.

You always retain full copyright to your music at all times when played on Discover Music Radio and it shouldn't be any other way.

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