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We would LOVE to know about you and your music!

Whether you are an emerging artist with your first-ever track or an established independent artist on your 10th album, Discover Music Radio is looking for your music.

This is the sequence:

  • Complete the Artist Registration form below
  • When you submit the form, you'll have the option to upload your first track
  • We will also let you have information on how to submit additional tracks
  • The music team will take a listen and if we like it, your music will be added to the station
  • There are no charges for registering or uploading music, although we would like to invite you to become a voluntary Artist Supporter to help cover our costs to promote and play your music and that of your fellow artists. (More on this when we officially launch the station in April 2024.)

Please note, that we do not accept songs that include expletive language in the lyrics, radio-safe versions only please.

OK here is the registration form:

We won't show this in public
We won't show this in public

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I certify that any tracks submitted now or in the future are my own work and I have full permission to upload them
I/we confirm that any track provided by me/us now or in the future is for use by Discover Music Radio only on a royalty-free basis for online streaming. I retain full copyright for all of my material.
Copyright 2 - My/our music is registered with PRS, or PPL and have ISRC numbers *

After you click 'Register Now' you will be taken to a page where you can upload your first track. (This is optional.)

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